Thursday, October 8, 2009

Growing pains...

School is now in full swing, but I still feel like we're adjusting to the fall routine. M is having a more difficult time adjusting to school this fall, and we haven't figured out why...she loves her teacher and she loves learning, but she hasn't connected with her classmates yet and often says she plays by herself or she doesn't have any fun.

As the overprotective mother in me surfaces, I wonder if something has happened on the playground or if someone has said something mean in the class. I want to put a bubble around her so I can keep the twinkle in her eye shining brightly or keep her home with me to protect her from the world. I know this is not realistic and that I need to teach her how to be happy by herself, but I find this really difficult! I'm sure I went through these growing pains as a child too...but thank goodness I don't remember them!!

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