Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Photo opp!

So a good friend of mine asked me to take some family photos..I've always loved taking pictures for myself, but have never done it for someone else. After this photo shoot experience, I've decided to take some courses to improve my skills so maybe someday I'll turn this into my own business....

If only I had more time!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

1st Day!

Today was M's first day of JK...and she did great!!! Not that I'm surprised..but I had half-hoped to see her nervous face when it was time to leave me. Instead, she said, Mommy, you don't have to walk me to the door. When did she become so brave?

Then there's me. Trying so hard not to burst into tears..and I succeeded..until M's teacher handed us a little note with a teabag attached. It basically said that this day was full of emotions, and that I should sit down with a cup of tea and know that my child was having a great day. I guess that was when the reality set in. My little girl was on her own...and now she has a whole new world of people influencing her day-to-day. I'm not sure I'm ready for that! She is so innocent..I want to protect her from the unkind words of strangers, the loneliness of making new friends. But I know she is a strong child that will stand her own. And I know deep down that she still does need me....

Then there's N. He has spent half the day trying to figure out where "Nina" is (his nickname for M is Nina..I have no idea why!) He doesn't understand that she is at school all day, and that he is actually stuck with me the whole day! I have to admit though, it's been nice being able to spend quality time with N. Mostly he just comes along for the ride, but today we got to focus on him. I imagine that will grow old pretty soon, but for now, I'm going to enjoy this time.